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Terms and conditions 

I. General Information

Use of this site implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below. HLINK.RO reserves the right to change these provisions without further notice. The registration of a customer account in the correct my.hlink requiring you to supply personal data (name, address and other useful information). This data can be updated at any time by accessing your client account. The use of false or outdated information could invalidate their client account and to suspend service. By accessing the account you are responsible for all actions arising through their use. HLINK.RO can not be held liable for negligence on securtiatea user and confidentiality of your account and password.

II. duration

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of registration of client account and remains valid during the entire billing.

1. Waiver services

Client may unilaterally terminate the contract without invoking a reason within 10 days under the Ordinance 130/2000 by Law 51/2003 on the legal regime of distance contracts, only in writing, by email at office@hlink.ro or through a ticket in the “my.hlink”. Return the value of orders will be made by bank transfer to the account holder within 14 days for payments made via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Skrill or Online Card 50de and within days for payments made via SMS.

2. Waiver of the Service

HLINK.RO can quit anytime to provide the service by prior notice in writing (e-mail). HLINK.RO will stop providing the service if:

– Not complied or did not follow this regulation applicable Romanian law;

– Were supplied to the accounts of client false information;

– Have not responded communications sent by e-mail at registration declared;

– Involvement in illegal activities, or any type of fraudulent activity (sale of goods or services) which fall under the law;

– Engaging in activities likely to damage the reputation or rights of third parties or HLINK.RO;

III. Policy against abuse

To maintain services at a level of optimum performance for all clients, it works against all types of abuse or potentially troubling behaviors. HLINK.RO not allow the use of its services for illegal purposes, with threatening, defamatory or dishonest. Sending SPAM is strictly prohibited. Vulnerability tests, attempts to disrupt or unusable other services, actions aimed at obtaining information without any right or privilege, misuse / overuse of resources computer systems (CPU, memory, number of files, etc.) is prohibited.

IV. Support and uptime guarantee

1. Uptime

Service availability is measured for one calendar month, excluding maintenance periods. Maintenance periods will be scheduled if possible between the hours 00: 00-06: 00 and will be announced at least 48 hours beforehand. In normal operation of the service is guaranteed availability of 99.6%. In exceptional circumstances (such as war, political instability or social, natural disasters, actions of authorities, prolonged interruptions of power supply, unavailability of external communications or other causes that can not be completely controlled) hlink.ro can not guarantee uptime CPC services.

2. Support

Services are offered in unmanaged system. HLINK.RO is responsible for investigating and resolving certain types of situations, including but not limited to:

compromised web application security
Web application optimization
– Investigate why the application is not running in optimal

– Applying updates hosted web applications

– Securing web applications

HLINK.RO is only responsible for the optimal functioning of their infrastructure.

V. backup policy

HLINK.RO not responsible for the deletion or modification of files hosted. The client is only able to secure the integrity of backup data using their own methods.

HLINK.RO performs daily backups to absolutely all hosted files, but these backups are used only for damages arising from infrastructure. These backups can not be restored on request.

HLINK.RO reserves the right to waive creating backup if by their size creates a huge load infrastructure.

Not provide backup for dedicated servers and the co-located.

VI. Flood attacks

This policy applies to all services offered by HLINK.RO

Any attack more than 5Gbps type flood DoS / DDoS (Denial of Service / Distributed Denial of Service) headed for your services will automatically attract notice and without any definitive stop service attack. It will then send a notification of this situation. If the attack shifted to a service only affects the customer without producing effects on other customers, we reserve the right not to apply the above policy.

VII. Acceptable Use Policy, Internet connection

Dedicated or colocated servers

Dedicated or colocated servers are connected to ports 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps

Depending on the package chosen. There is a policy of reasonable use of your internet connection.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and beyond

VPS are hosted on physical servers connected in ports of 100 Mbps or 1Gbps. A reasonable transfer rate of 20 Mbps is considered VPS. If it exceeds this value for a period exceeding 15 consecutive days, the connection will be limited to a speed of 10 Mbps. These limits of reasonable use only serve to block misuse services. Where will overcome the limitations mentioned above are not required to apply this limitation. The limitation will be applied only if there are reasonable grounds that a user is abusing the internet.

VIII. resale Service

You agree not to resell or exploit for commercial purposes without the express permission of services hlink.ro, any deviation leads to suspension of service. Services and account balance are not transferable!

IX. Contact

a. Tickets assistance

Tickets assistance clients can open zone (my.hlink). You can use to report technical problems with services owned or for information concerning disbursement. Tickets that contain profanity or offensive will be removed and may result in the definitive closure of the account without the possibility of recovering the money.

b. Email

You can send complaints about problems encountered owned services or information related payments fectuarea addresses emailoffice@hlink.ro tehnic@hlink.ro respectively. Emails that contain profanity or offensive will be removed and may result in the definitive closure of the account without the possibility of recovering the money.

c. Phone

The telephone service is available to pay current or future customers information about products and services. This service is not offered technical assistance. Posts that contain profanity or offensive will be removed and may result in the definitive closure of the account without the possibility of recovering the money. CAREFUL! All calls are recorded and kept for 7days.

X. Confidentiality of Data

All contact and customer identification will be kept confidential. We take our obligation to keep this information safely. In the case of official requests from the competent authorities we reserve the right to provide customer data in question. We reserve the right to request copies of customer identification documents to verify their compliance with the data in the order form, and in case of absence of identity documents required we reserve the right to suspend any account services concerned.

XI. Prices and invoicing

Prices include VAT. EURO bills are issued in the exchange rate the day of issue.
In accordance with Art. 155 of Law 571/2003 – Fiscal Code in force invoice must contain the following elements:

a) serial number, based on one or more series, which uniquely identifies the invoice;
b) date of invoice;
c) the date on which the goods were supplied / provided services or date of cashing an advance, to the extent that it differs from the date of invoice date;
d) the name / name, address and registration code for VAT purposes or, if applicable, tax identification code, the taxable person issuing the invoice;
e) name / name / supplier is not established in Romania and who has appointed a tax representative and the name / name, address and registration code for VAT purposes, according to Art. 153 of the tax representative;
f) name / name and address of goods or services, and the registration code for VAT or tax identification code of the recipient, whether it is a taxable person or a non-taxable legal person;
g) the name / name of the beneficiary is not established in Romania and who has appointed a tax representative and the name / name, address and registration number provided in Art. 153 of the tax representative;
h) the name and quantity of goods delivered, name services, and peculiarities stipulated in Art. 125 ^ 1 par. (3) the definition of goods for delivery of intra-community transportation;
i) the tax base of goods and services or, as the case advances invoiced for each share, exemption or toll-free operation, the unit price exclusive of tax and rebates, locomotive, Rebates and other discounts;
j) an indication of the rate of tax applied and the amount of tax collected, expressed in lei, according to the applicable tax rates;
k) if no tax is due reference to the applicable provisions of this title or of Directive 112 or any mention of showing that the supply of goods or services is exempt or subject to the reverse charge procedure;
l) where the special scheme for travel agencies, the reference to Art. 152 ^ 1, Art. 306 of Directive 112 or any other reference indicating that the special scheme has been applied;
m) if you apply one of the special arrangements for second-hand goods, works of art, collectors and antiques reference to Art. 152 ^ 2, Art. 313, 326 or 333 of Directive 112 or any reference to indicate that was applied to one of these schemes;
n) a reference to other invoices or documents previously issued when issuing more invoices and documents for the same operation.
Methodological norms
(6) The signing and stamping invoices are not binding.

a) The amounts deposited in the account are not refundable or transferable client.

* In cases of force majeure such as wars, natural disasters, actions of authorities, prolonged interruptions of power supply, communications unavailability of external causes that can not be completely controlled hlink.ro is not responsible for down-time.