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Quality  Commitment

Commitment to quality or SLA (Service Level Agreement) applies to all services offered by HLINK. Uptime is the percentage annually where your service is available to be accessed from a neutral location via HTTP (you can check at https://hlink.ro/uptime).

HLINK shall undertake to pay penalties following if uptime falls below 99.97%:

99.0% – 99.6%: 5%
98.0% – 98.9%: 15%
95.0% – 97.9%: 25%
90.0% – 94.9%: 50%
0.00% – 90.0%: 100%
HLINK will not repay amounts under this commitment if any error or downtime of the service is caused by force majeure (wars, natural disasters, disruption of communications, fire, earthquakes, embargos), actions of the authorities or the client’s fault (viruses, hackers, crackers, DDOS). Maintenance works announced and hardware failures not covered by this commitment.
Penalties are paid into the client account of the MY.HLINK and can be used to pay for any product available on www.hlink.ro